Engels - English


You look at me
I look at you
we see each other
some closer comes the heart

feelings dance like music
there's no fiddlestick, no conductor
your eyes have their own language
your face reflects a message

you and me
get together
I think you may be
you think I may be

This song I hear
and the day afther tomorrow

Translation: Elly van Doorn
date 15-04-1999


You give me a look
I give you a look
We see each other
Little closer comes the heart

Feelings dance like music
With no fiddlestick
And no conductor
Your eyes speak
A language of their own
Your face reflects a message

This is an encounter
Between you and me
You may exist through me
I may exist through you

This song I will hear
The day afther tomorrow

Translation: Jan Hannewijk
Date: 27-05-1999